Can I meet all the doctors in the River City Obstetric Group?

Yes. You are very welcome to make antenatal appointments with the other Obstetricians in the River City Obstetric Group. We encourage you to meet the doctors so that you are familiar with them before the birth of your baby.

Will my chosen Obstetrician deliver my baby?

Not always, but you can be assured that one of us will be there for you.  The River City Obstetric Group has a team approach of providing in-hospital birth suite care for each other’s patients. One of our doctors is rostered on call at all times.

When should I book my first appointment?

It is recommended to have your first visit with the obstetrician between 8 and 10 weeks pregnant. At the visit, an ultrasound is usually performed to confirm the due date. Partners of course, are welcome to attend. At this visit, your doctor will ask about your medical, surgical and family history and any past pregnancies so as to ascertain any risks during the pregnancy.

Do I need to book the hospital?

Please book in at the Mater Mothers Private Hospital. Registration can be done online at the Mater Patient Portal.

What costs can I expect for my medical care?

Your Obstetric costs will differ depending on a variety of factors, such as your Health Fund and status of your Medicare Safety Net. A full schedule of Obstetric costs will be provided at your first visit. Other costs, in addition to Obstetrics, include items such as Pathology (blood tests), Radiology (scans), Paediatrician and Anaesthetics. Costs for these can be obtained from each of the respective service providers. It is important to check with your health fund that you have family cover, and not just singles cover to ensure your baby is covered by health insurance while in hospital.

We all share the same philosophy – to enable every women to achieve the best birth possible, and work closely together, around the clock, to provide high quality care during your labour and delivery.