Dr Fiona Dalzell

Dr Fiona Dalzell studied medicine at the University of Queensland graduating in 1988. Fiona quickly followed her passion of obstetrics and gynaecology and began her specialist training in London in 1992. She returned to Australia for completion of her studies, working in rural Queensland Hospitals and finalising training at the Mater Mothers’ Private Hospital, Brisbane. She has been delivering babies for over 20 years and intends to continue helping women for years to come. Fiona specialises in high-risk obstetrics and women with medical conditions in pregnancy. She is a member of the Society of Obstetric Medicine of Australia and New Zealand.

Being a mother herself, Fiona appreciates the high expectations of women and their families during the pregnancy. Ample time is allocated in consultations to discuss both physical and emotional concerns. A keen triathlete, Fiona promotes healthy life habits of balanced eating and exercise during and after pregnancy.

Dr Fiona Dalzell is well-skilled to help women negotiate the challenges in pregnancy, birth and soon after birth. Whether it is simple encouragement and guidance during this natural process or support and management of life-threatening situations, Dr Fiona Dalzell is calm and capable.

Contact Details

Mater Private Clinic
Suite 4.03
550 Stanley Street
South Brisbane 4101
P: (07) 3010 3500
F: (07) 3010 3502
M: 0401 690 719
W: www.fionadalzell.com.au