Why Choose a River City Obstetric Group Obstetrician

The River City Obstetric Group comprising Dr Brenda Biggs, Dr Josephine Cheung, Dr Fiona Dalzell, Dr Melissa Luckensmeyer, Dr Glenda McLaren and Dr Di Poad represents decades of combined experience in antenatal and obstetric care. These Obstetricians work closely and share a similar philosophy. They continue to look for ways to improve their services and clinical care. There is exchange of information amongst the Group members so patients with specific needs for pregnancy and delivery can be discussed and consistent strategies for management formulated.

All of the Obstetricians in the Group are female, so patients are comfortable knowing they will have a female Obstetrician in attendance at their delivery, even when their usual Obstetrician is not available. We offer the opportunity for our patients to have antenatal appointments with the other Obstetricians in the Group. This ensures that women may feel familiar and comfortable with any of the Obstetricians in the Group.

Based on sound risk-management principles, the Group uses an on-call roster that delivers high quality 24-hour obstetric care at Mater Mothers’ Private Hospital (MMPH), South Brisbane. The roster allows each doctor to efficiently manage her time to reduce fatigue when it matters most during your delivery. The on-call Obstetrician is dedicated to the assessment and management of labour in the hospital. When an Obstetrician is not on-call they have the flexibility to provide uninterrupted antenatal consultations, perform surgery in the operating theatre and undertake other routine activities. This team approach also provides time for continuing professional development and/or study and research activities. Because one of the Group’s Obstetricians is always available, the continuation of quality care is enhanced when holiday or other leave is taken. The roster provides a sound and robust way to achieve a healthy work-life balance leading to a refreshed and enthusiastic group of Obstetricians.

The River City Obstetric Group Obstetricians have chosen to deliver babies only at the Mater Mothers’ Private Hospital. The MMPH has experienced midwives, specialised tertiary ultrasound scanning, fetal-maternal medicine specialists, paediatricians, neonatologists, obstetric anaesthetists, and obstetric theatre staff. A neonatal intensive care nursery and a special care nursery are available at the hospital for immediate admission in the event of pre-term delivery or other unforeseen complications. There is no need to transfer mother and baby to another hospital. Delivering exclusively at MMPH eliminates the risk of the Obstetrician being required at two hospitals at once.