Group photo of River City Obstetric Group's doctors

Formed in 2003 by Dr Fiona Dalzell and Dr Glenda McLaren with Dr Brenda Biggs and Dr Josephine Cheung, the River City Obstetric Group is a Brisbane-based team of female specialist Obstetricians providing on-call services. They welcomed Dr Melissa Luckensmeyer who joined them in 2012 and Dr Di Poad in 2014.

Based on sound risk-management principles, the Group members use an on-call roster to deliver high quality 24-hour obstetric care at Mater Mothers’ Private Hospital (MMPH), South Brisbane. These women are experienced Obstetricians and Gynaecologists with their own established private clinics at South Brisbane and Spring Hill. Priding themselves on excellent communication skills, patients are assured of utmost professionalism and care when attended by any of the doctors. The Group is woman-focused and evidence-based.

Using a team approach to minimise fatigue inherent in the provision of 24-hour care, one of the Group's Obstetricians is rostered on-call for the women of all the specialists in the group. At all times an Obstetrician is dedicated to attend to the immediate needs of the Group’s expectant mothers.

The Obstetricians of the River City Obstetric Group aim to use their expertise and teamwork to provide the best possible obstetric care and birth outcome for the specific circumstances of each mother and baby.

For bookings and further inquiries please contact the Reception of the relevant Obstetrician.